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Chapter 8 Notes

Cell Growth and Division

Links !

Practice with meiosis and mitosis, on line

Here is an animation showing the stages of mitosis in an animal cell

Cells cannot divide into two unless two processes alternate: doubling of its genome (DNA) in S phase (synthesis phase) and halving of that genome during mitosis

The cell cycle, shows the sequence of steps from resting through division

The Cell Cycle, quiz with immediate correction.


Chapter 8

Cell Growth & Division

I.                    Cell Growth

A. Cell volume increases at a much faster rate than surface area.

      B. Cell eventually becomes into 2 identical, daughter cells.  Divide

or die.

C. Cancer is a disorder where the cell has lost the ability to control its own rate of growth.

II.                Cell Division

A. Cell Cycle:

      1. G1 phase-growth phase

      2. S phase- DNA replication

      3. G2 phase- preparation for mitosis.

This is interphase ^.


                        4. Mitosis:

                                    Process where the nucleus of a cell is divided into 2 nuclei, with the same genetic material as parent cell.



a.      Prophase- longest phase chromosomes appear, centrioles (animal cells only) moves to poles, spindles appear.

b.  Meta phase- shortest phase, chromosomes line up at equator.

                                                c. Anaphase- centromeres that join sister chromatids split, chromatids move to opposite sides of the cell.

                                                d.  Telephase- chromosomes uncoil into chromatin nuclear membrane forms in each cell, nucleolus is visible.

      5.  Cytokinesis (occurs after Mitosis     


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