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Woodrow Wilson Cover Letter

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Woodrow Wilson Cover Letter

Woodrow Wilson

4747 Woodrow Street


Staunton, Virginia


1 (817) 123-4567



Dear Mr. Haskell,


For every achievement in life dedication, determination, and experience is needed.  These three things are needed in the learning process for students all around, which is why would like to teach at Mission Viejo High School.


I hold each of these characteristics, and I would like to be able to spread knowledge of our past to those who would like to gain knowledge.  I have previously taught with the idea of getting students involved in the learning process and I would like to continue that at Mission Viejo High School.  I feel knowledge is the most important aspect in life that one can gain and use to their advantage.


I am dedicated to the teaching of others, to help students succeed in life.  I am also very determined to make sure every single student I teach, achieves in life.  I also have a great deal of experience as a professor.  I have taught at Bryn Mawr College, Wesleyan University, and Princeton University, and I would like to continue my career with teaching high school students about World History, through my own experiences about the subject.  Attached is my resume with my experience, education, and necessary information.  You can contact me through e-mail or by phone.  I hope to help bring more knowledge to the lives of others with this teaching opportunity at Mission Viejo High School.  Thank you for considering me for this job opening.




Woodrow Wilson


Woodrow Wilson

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