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Robert Frost Worksheet

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                                Robert Frost Worksheet 

The Road Not Taken 
1. Describe both of the roads that the author finds. 

One road is worn and well traveled and the other has grass growing and its the road others have not taken.

2. Which road does the speaker choose? 
The speaker chooses the road less traveled because he wants to have a different experience from everyone else.

3. Which road would you choose? Why? 
I would choose the road less taken by others because I would want to do something for myself and be my own individual.

4. Does the speaker seem happy about his decision? 
The speaker seems not exactly happy about his decision, it is bittersweet because he doesnt know what would happen if he choose the other road, and he is also a bit sad because he knows he can never go back and choose the other path because the path he chooses will lead to other separate paths.

5. How do you view choices in your life? Are you excited about different opportunities or confused when another choice comes your way? 

I have made many choices in my life some of which I was very excited about and others in which I regret.  However each choice has created my life and many opportunities which I am excited about.



Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening 
1. Describe the speaker's attitude upon seeing the woods. 
He is mesmerized by the beautiful woods and he just wants to stay there and watch.
2. Why does the horse hesitate? 
The horse hesitates because he is not used to stopping until they have reached the barn or home..  The horse doesnt understand the reason for stopping.
3. Comment on the setting. Why did the author use a winter scene? 
The setting is peaceful, and the author use a winter scene to show calmness, isolation, and solitude.
4. What happens at the end of the poem? 
At the end of the poem the horse rings the bells on the harness, and the narrator realizes he needs to get back to the many things he has to do.
5. Do you view the ending in a positive or negative light? Why?

The ending of the poem is a negative light because he is back in the real world.

Robert Lee Frost 
1. After glancing at the web site about Robert Frost's life, note three
interesting facts to share with the class. Why did you choose the facts
that you did? Was there anything that surprised you?









1890 - First published poem, "La Noche Triste," based on episode in Prescott's Conquest of Mexico, appears in the Lawrence High School Bulletin in April; a second poem, "The Song of the Wave," appears in the Bulletin in May.

1897 - Passes Harvard College entrance examinations, borrows money from grandfather and enters Harvard as a freshman.

1905 - Daughter Marjorie is born on March 28. 1906 - Starts part-time position teaching English literature at Pinkerton Academy in Derry. Publishes poem "The Tuft of Flowers" in the Derry Enterprise. Eventually assumes full-time teaching post at Pinkerton Academy.


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