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Leonardo Da Vinci was born on Saturday April 15, 1452.  Leonardo was born in the town of Anchiano.  Piero Da Vinci was Leonardos father and was a successful notary, or lawyer.  There is little known about who Leonardos mother was.  However, it is known that she was a teenage peasant girl named Caterina.  In the year 1457, Leonardo moved from the town of Anchiano to the town of Vinci where he was raised by his grandparents.  Though it was never legitimated, or valid Leonardo was a member of his fathers family.  Growing up, Leonardo Da Vinci was a very enthusiastic about all of the mysteries of nature.  As a young boy, Leonardo went to school in the town of Vinci.  In school, Leonardo learned to read, write, and calculate.  He also learned about geometry and Latin.

At the age of fourteen, Leonardo moved to Florence in 1466.  In this town, Leonardo began an apprenticeship for a prominent and well-known designer and sculptor, Adrea Del Verrocchio.  For the next eight years, Leonardo learned every detail of Verrocchios work.  As Verrocchios student, Leonardo painted an angel and a few background masters for the painting, Baptist of Christ.   As Verrocchios student and apprentice, Leonardo learned of many techniques that he would use late in life.  In 1472, Leonardo officially graduated from apprentice to master.  However, Leonardo was not in any kind of a hurry to make a name for himself.  Verrocchio who pursued, encouraged, and blessed Leonardo, so Leonardo painted the Chapel in Signora, in 1478 which was his first personal commission.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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