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Social/Family Life

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Social/Family Life

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Family/ Social Life

             Leonardo Da Vinci had a very large family.  Leonardo was the first child of Ser Piero Da Vinci and Catarina.  Leonardo was the only child between Ser Piero Da Vinci and Catarina.  Leonardos parents were never married to each other, and after Leonardo was born, his mother married another man.  Ser Pierro Da Vinci married his first wife Albiera.  Leonardo had no other brothers or sisters, however he did have an extreme number of half brothers and sisters from his fathers family, which totaled to be around 17 half brothers and sisters.

            Socially, Leonardo was very well accepted.  Some friends and colleagues of Leonardo Da Vinci were Perugino, Lorenzo di Credi, Botticelli, and Ghirlandaio, Domenico.  Leonardo was a kind and  intelligent man. Leonardos life was influenced greatly by Adrea Del Verrocchio and Brunelleschi.  These two influences were the ones who helped Leonardo continue in his career.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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