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Professional Life

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Professional Life

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Professional Life

Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, inventor, architect, musician and an engineer.  During Leonardos Da Vincis life, he created a numerous amount of amazing works.  For Da Vinci, he felt there was always room for improvement.  In 1472, Leonardos name was listed to the register of Florentine painters, The Guild of St. Luke.  In 1481, Leonardo received commission for his first large painting.  This painting was the Adoration of the Magi.  This painting was for the Monastery of S. Donato a Scopeto.  However, in 1482 Leonardo left Florence for Milan without completing the painting.  In Milan Leonardo worked in the court of Lodivico Sforza.  Leonardo explored and tried to find more about the concept of light, vision, and perspective.  By 1489, the research of light that Leonardo had been studying created his curiosity about the anatomy of the brain and the optic nerves.  In 1504, Leonardo painted his most famous piece of work, The Mona Lisa.  This was a portrait of Mona Lisa Del Giocondo.  This painting is considered one of the most well known artwork ever created.


Leonardo Da Vinci

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