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Julius Caesar Pg 242 #6

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Sarah Gaylord

Mr. Krucli

English II Honors

18 November 2003

Julius Caesar Pg 242 #6

a)      Brutus used such words as kill, carve, carcass, and not murderers, to show butchery.  An image to show and describe butchery is when Brutus says, to cut the head off and then hack the limbs.

b)      These lines are ironic because Brutus killed Caesar because his soul was corrupt and now Caesars ghost is telling Brutus that e is corrupt.

c)      Brutus chooses not to dismember Caesar. He also says, "And, gentle friends, let's kill him boldly, but not wrathfully;" That is how Brutus turns harsh words and phrases into softer ones, to make a savage act seem like a civilized one and create his approach to killing Caesar.

d)      Brutus' expressive language ties in quite well with the way he acted in earlier acts. His reaction to his surroundings is very similar to his reactions earlier in the play.



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