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Caesar Characters

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o       Patriotic

o       Honorable

o       Brave

o       Noble

o       Trustworthy

o       Integrity

o       Nave

o       Respect and wise

o       Powerfull

o       True roman

o       Patriot

o       Determined


o       Honest



o       Self centered

o       Supercilious

o       Cunning

o       Manipulative

o       Overly dramatic

o       Pride

o       vengful

o       Coward

o       Short tempered

o       jealous



o       Supercilious

o       Ambitious

o       Proud

o       Egotistical

o       Ambitious scheming

o       Public-benevolent




     Tragic Hero-Brutus


     -Hamartia-kill Caesar, gets caught up, his character is honorable trustworthy and noble, and can not see someone ffor what they are really worth.. HE CANNOT JUDGE MEN OR OTHER PEOPLE and because of that he gets himself into trboule


     -anagnorisis- regret killing Caesar, loses everything and continues the fight until the fight is over.  Will not be led as a prisinor throught the streets of rome.


     -peripeteia- when he left antonym to speak, second war


     -Catharsis-he is a godd man, he only made 1 mistakecan make mistaktes and can not figure out the person we should be and the person we are.


     -Theme- power struggle



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