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Brutus Interview

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Statement of Intent


Though, the play Julius Caesar is titled after Julius Caesar, Brutus is obviously the main character in the play.  The following interview will show an in depth view of Brutus unique and passionate personality.  Brutus is a noble person, who believes in every action that he takes.  Everything Brutus does, he does for a reason.  The interview with Brutus will explain and validate his reasons for joining the conspiracy and killing Caesar.  Though the killing of his good friend Caesar may not have been right, Brutus will never admit to this.  Brutus feels that because he killed Caesar for the welfare of the people, his actions were necessary.

Throughout the interview, Brutus will be portrayed as a trustworthy and honorable man.  However, one will also be able to pick up on a few of his character flaws in the interview.  Some of these flaws are being na´ve, trustworthy, and honest.  These characteristics are what take over Brutus in the end.  Brutus is a very strong and powerful man, with weaknesses that cause him to loose his integrity.  The interview will show Brutus strong side for the most part, because that is how Brutus acted.  It will portray him as one who never gives up, and he will prove his reasons for killing Caesar.





Interviewer- We are outside the home of the honorable, brave, and well respected Brutus.  Caesar has just been killed, and we have to find out more about this.  Here comes Brutus now.  Brutus, Brutus please give me a moment of your time to answer a few questions.


Brutus-Yes, yes what can I do for you?  We must hurry however, my day has been long and dreary, so lets get this over with.


Interviewer-Yes, I do understand.  So, Brutus, first of all everyone wants to know why.  Why did you kill Caesar?  What are your reasons?


Brutus-Everything I have done, has been for the welfare of the people of Rome.  Caesar was a very dear friend to me, which made the killing of him extremely hard.  This was something that had to be done, and I knew I had to be a part of this.  Caesar was not the leader the people needed.  Dont get me wrong, Caesar was one of the best leaders around, it is just that the people of Rome needed someone different to survive.  The only way they could get another leader, is if Caesar was killed.  It was my duty to get the people what they needed.


Interviewer- Yes, wow you are very passionate in your reasons for killing Caesar.  When you had to actually look Caesar in the eye, before he died, was that difficult for you?


Brutus-That was extremely difficult for me.  Caesar did not know I was doing this for the people of Rome.  I feel that he has lost my respect and trust.  Though I will always remain loyal to my dear friend Caesar even if my actions do not make it seem that way.


Interviewer-Why did you join the conspiracy in the first place, Brutus?


Brutus-Well, I guess you can say Im a very easily persuaded man.  I put my complete trust in others and their word.  I trusted Antony and Cassious when they explained to me that the killing was the best thing to do.  I felt that they were correct, when I took some time to think about the people of Rome, and that is the reason I joined the conspiracy to kill my dear friend Caesar.


Interviewer-Do you regret joining the conspiracy and killing Caesar?


Brutus-There is of course some regret.  However, the regret is overpowered by the knowledge that I did the right thing for Rome.  Rome will be better off in the long run, so therefore I dont regret my actions.


Brutus- I must leave now


Interviewer-Okay, thank you Brutus, we have learned a lot from this interview.




In this interview, I portrayed Brutus as strong, powerful, and noble character.  The interview also demonstrated his loyalty and honesty to others.  I was able to see that Brutus always does things for a reason.  Though it may not seem like he has thought out the effects of his decisions, this interview shows that he always does.  The interview ended up being very different then I imagined.  I did not expect, to realize that Brutus intended to do the right thing.  I realize now that Brutus, deep down is a good person, and does things for the welfare of others.

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