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The Crowning of Arthur-Questions 2-4 Pg 911.

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The Crowning of Arthur

Questions 2-4 Pg 911.


  1. How much control would you say the characters have over their lives?


            The characters do not don't have much control over themselves, by the way the story is happening. They will, at an instant kneel down to the person who has the right to take over as king. Uther truly loved Igraine, even though he did not show it that much.

In your opinion, does Arthur deserve to be king?

 I do believe Arthur deserves to be king because he is the son of the previous king, after all. If he has the power within himself, and is ready to be king he should be king.

4. Life would be extremely difficult.  I dont think I would want to live in the life back then.  I would not be able to deal with the hardships and not having much, very well.  I know I would be able to survive, however I would not like it.

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