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Threaded Discussion 9/11

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Threaded #1

Sarah Gaylord

11 September 2003         


In my opinion, starvation is the most significant problem that our world faces.  Hunger and suffering is occurring all over the world, at this very moment. Many people around the world are dying and are suffering due to starvation.  Billions are undernourished; this leads to the development of many threatening diseases, which could have been prevented.  Starvation is the core to many extreme problems including death, disease, and disease.  Poverty is a leading cause of starvation.  Just over one billion people, which is about one-fifth of the worlds population, earns less than a dollar a day.  Each day 35,000 children who are younger than the age of five die because of starvation.

        Something needs to be done in order to save the lives of these innocent people.  Those who do not have to deal with starvation on a daily basis may take for granted many things in life, that many all around the world do not necessarily have.  There are many organizations that are desperately doing anything they can to save the lives of people all over the world.  There is plenty of food to go around for everyone.  Food needs to be distributed evenly around in order to help put an end starvation.



In response to Nicole Servage, I have to disagree with her.  It is true that the penguin population is a very important problem.  However, I do not believe that the concerns and issues about the penguin population are as important as many issues in todays world.  All over the world, people are suffering and dying for many reasons.  Issues such as terrorism, starvation, and diseases are extreme.  The lives of many are being lost and innocent people are being killed by terrorist.  I think, that the pollution in the air needs is an issue  that needs to be addressed.  Although pollution is an extreme deal and it will affect us now as well as in the future, I still believe that the protection of human beings, is the most significant problem in the world today. 

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