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Sarah Gaylord

Mr. Haskell

World History E-Core

9 October 2003

Medieval Journal


Day 1: Monday, April 1st

My name is William Galard.  The year is 789, and I am a low class peasant, also known as a serf. I am bound to the land of my Lords estate, which I cannot leave or I will be arrested.  However, I am not a slave, but I have given up many basic freedoms and rights.  Life on the manor is tough and rigorous.  I have a wife named Mary, two sons with the names of Adam who is 12 and Charles who is 11, and a daughter named Elizabeth who is 15 years old.  Each member of my family works and helps with the tasks and chores we need to accomplish.  Our day begins at sunup and we do not quit until sundown.  Spring has begun today, and already we have begun to plow the fields for crops.



Day 2:  Tuesday, April 2nd

 I woke up today, before the early sun hit the mountains in the distance.  The weather this morning is bitter cold, however it will become extremely warm once the sun shine hits my back.  My lord has told me to dig a ditch for him, so he can use it for harvest.  I desperately wanted to begin my own harvest but I know it must wait.  The lords land comes first, or I will not have land for me or my family.  The ditch took me about half of the day to finish.  My wife and Elizabeth were both busy with chores, and my sons took care of the plowing for the day.  Adam fed the pigs and sheep, for he loves the animals.  Charles took care of all of our weeds.  Tonight we did not have dinner; dinner is seldom in our lives.  I wish we could have nice meat for once, but such a thing is almost impossible for a serf.



Day 3:  Wednesday, April 3rd

Today was stressful for everyone in the family.  We have not had a nourishing meal in days.  I just cannot afford it.  We have been constantly plowing and harvesting every last bit of grain that we can find.  Our farm is not very successful.  To make matters worse, our lord asked for his money early.  Our lord wishes to have my rent for the land I live on.  He wishes for his money in exactly seven days.  Worry fills my mind, for I am not sure if we can afford the rent our lord has put on me and my family.



Day 4: Thursday, April 4th

            Today tragedy has struck.  Tears fill my eyes as I record what has happened, though I know I must move on.  My youngest son Charles, who is eleven, was working on the farm.  He had a very sharp knife in his hand and gashed his arm.  There was blood everywhere.  Charles lay very ill throughout the afternoon and well on into the evening.  Though I do not know much about medicine, I did know that Charles lost too much blood.  Late in the night, just before I sat down to write this journal entry, Charles died.  Charles was a good person and hard worker, and one of my very wonderful sons.  The weariness of the day is causing me to fall asleep as I write this journal, so I going to sleep, and I will surely never forget my son Charles.



Day 5: Friday, April 5th

            Today has been a long day.  The memory of my son is still here, and things are difficult to get through without him.  I miss him dearly, and I know my wife and other children are having a terrible time getting on without Charles.  Life must continue, however.  My lord has once again put another tax on the farm.  The tax is extremely expensive, and I must work off this tax soon.  Otherwise my family and I will loose the protection our lord has given to us.  My wife has begun to work extra to make it possible to afford this new tax.  I am quite nervous about the situation we are in, however tomorrow is a new day and a new start.



Day 6: Saturday, April 6th

            I am extremely exhausted from todays work.  A major problem occurred, when Adam went to go feed the animals, he found two dead pigs.  I am worried how they died, and if disease is hovering over our land.  Adam was devastated by the death of these pigs, however I talked to him about the benefits they provided.  We sold one pig for a generous amount of money.  The other pig we used as for food.  Tonight, for the first time in a while we had a nourishing, healthy, dinner with meat.  Everyone, including Adam was in a joyous mood and I am extremely relieved with that feeling.



Day 7(CHURCH): Sunday, April 7th

            Today I had a fabulous day.  Myself, Mary, Elizabeth, and Adam all went to church services.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the priest even spoke about Charles.  After the service we joined in the dancing festivities.  For these few moments, I forgot about all my worries back on the estate.  For once I could be happy without any worries attached.  I even caught Mary smiling, which is a rarity nowadays.








Day 8: Monday, April 8th

            Today my family and I went back to the normal day of work.  However, today feels different.  Finally we have had a successful harvest.  Mary and myself harvested a bountiful amount of food.  I am ecstatic because I have the feeling this could last us until winter.  Tonight, we had a wonderful dinner of bread, peas, and onions.  I am so glad that tonight my family and I can go to sleep on a full stomach.


Day 9: Tuesday, April 9th

            I am worried about the plagues.  Four of my nearest neighbors have died.  I know if someone in my family catches the plague, it is a sure death.  For now I must stay focused on the farm.  I cannot dwell on the plagues, before anything has happened.  Tonight I pray that my family will be safe from the diseases going around where I live.



Day 10: Wednesday, April 10th

What a wonderful day I had today.  From the pig that we sold on Saturday, I have gained enough money to pay my lord.  I even have a few dollars left over.  Todays crop was also great, with a plentiful amount of food.  Thinking ahead towards the winter, I have the feeling my family will be okay.  Now, I am begging to think of my daughter and marriage.  It is true that if she gets married, my lord will impose another tax.  However, this tax will be worth it to see Elizabeth happy.  I am off to sleep, on another full stomach, which makes me feel so wonderful inside.  Tomorrow should be a hard day of work, however I am looking forward to it.

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