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The Industrial Revolution has affected our lives extremely many ways.  In my opinion, the advantages of the Industrial Revolution have definitely over shadowed the negative consequences.  It is true, that there are some bad consequences created by the Industrial Revolution.  However, all great things are achieved with some hardships.  Modern day technology has evolved greatly from the affects of the Industrial Revolution.  Many ideas have been taken and used in ways we live our life today.  Many inventions from the Industrial Revolution are still used in various forms today.  For example, the steam-powered locomotive, from the Industrial Revolution, was made to move faster and could haul heavier loads than a horse could.  Today, railroads, are powered by electricity and diesel fuel and can carry tons of freight and millions of people.  These railroads are an improvement on the invention from the Industrial Revolution.  The Industrial Revolution has created many benefits in technology and the jobs we have today.  This is why the benefits of the Industrial Revolution over shadow the negative consequences.      


Response to Katie Snyder

I agree with Katie Snyders opinion about the Industrial Revolution.  It does have positive advantages that have provided use with many great things in the modern world.  The mention of the automobile, is a great example of how the Industrial Revolution has affected and improved the world today.  If it werent for the Industrial Revolution and the idea of mass producing, cars would not be around like they are now.  Cars are used in everyday life to get places quickly and efficiently.  Another great example of how the Industrial Revolution has positively affected our lives is the Invention of the interchangeable parts for the musket.  If it werent for this invention during the Industrial Revolution, things today would be extremely different.  This is why I agree with Katie Snyders opinion on the Industrial Revolution.

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