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Ch. 25 Rev Facts Qts. 1-7

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Sarah Gaylord


Period 3

9 January 2004

Ch. 25 Reviewing Facts #1-7 pg. 654

  1. The four main motives of the new imperialists are accessing natural resources, political and military issues, spreading the blessings of western civilization, and social Darwinism.


  1. The Berlin Conference of 1884 affected Africa even though no Africans were involved; it called for free trade on the Congo and Niger rivers.  The conference also stated that European powers could not claim any part of Africa unless it had set up a government office there.  This led Europeans to send officials who would exert their power over local rulers.


  1. Ethiopia resisted European Colonization because a reforming ruler, Menelik II, began to modernize his country in the late 1800s.  He hired European experts to plan modern roads and bridges and set up western school systems.  So, when Italy invaded in 1896, Menelik was prepared, for the invasions.


  1. The Suez Canal is a 100 mile waterway which links the Mediterranean and the Red Seas.  The Suez Canal affected world trade because it greatly shortened the sea route from Europe to South and East Asia.  To Britain, especially, the canal was a Lifeline to India.


  1. The Sepoy rebellion was caused because Indians were getting tired of the British interfering with them, and trying to created changes.  Eventually violence erupted from both sides.


  1. The trade policy was dropped because, from the Industrial Revolution, China had the need for expanded markets of European goods.  China also entered a period of decline, where they needed theses foreign goods.


  1. The goal of the boxer uprising was to drive out all unwanted people and forces in China, however they were crushed when they attempted this.

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