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Greek Webliography


Face To Face With Culture, The University of Pennsylvania Museum


This is website is extremely resourceful for finding information about Ancient Greece.  The University of Pennsylvania Museum created this website, which gives many details and facts about the Ancient Greek World.  Another aspect that makes this website beneficial is that it has pictures of several different artifacts found were found from the Greeks.  This website is also extremely helpful by offering several options for teachers, families, and kids.  These options offer activities as well as other web pages, where an individual can learn more about Ancient Greeks.

In this website there is even a section with subjects describing the land, religion, death, daily life, and time period of the Ancient Greeks.  This web page describes the land as being a beautiful natural barrier and boundary.  This website also describes the religion of the Ancient Greeks in depth.  This site explains that the Greeks were very religious people, who were polytheistic or believed in more than one god.

Ancient Greek Civilizations, Copyright- Taylor, Jennifer,1998

            This is an excellent website to use for studying the Ancient Greek Civilization.  This site explains the many details of the culture and has different texts about each civilization, culture, and cities of Greece.  The site even has a timeline of specific dates, and many different detailed maps.  In the timeline, each era with specific dates is described with the Bronze Age, Dark Age, Archaic Period, Classical Period, Late Classical Period, and the Hellenistic Age.

            This website is also very resourceful with pictures and details about each photo.  The roles of women and slaves in Ancient Greece are also described in detail.  This site explains that both women and slaves had very little opportunities and options to share their opinion about a particular idea.  Marriages in Ancient Greece were arranged by the fathers.  The girls from Greece had to learn about her domestic duties that she would have to carry out for the rest of her life.  This website also goes into great detail about the medicine of the time period.  This web page is extremely informative and useful for studying.

Ancient Greece, Peloponnesian War, Hooker, Richard 1996

            This website is extremely good for learning about the Peloponnesian War.  The web page explains all about the war.  The Peloponnesian War was fought between Sparta and Athens in 431.  This site also explains about the Peace of Nicias.  This was a fifty year treaty for peace that both Sparta and Athens signed.  This peace treaty did not last however.  This website is very specific and has several important dates.  This site is very useful and describes the Peloponnesian War with detail.  It would be a very good resource while searching for information about the Ancient Greece Civilization.  The one problem this webpage has is that it does not any images that help with the description of the Peloponnesian War.  However, the writing is very descriptive and easy to follow, which makes this site perfect for the use of research.

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